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Nike Cuts Ties With Amazon and We Know Why

In a bid to build their direct-to-consumer relationship with their customers, Nike announced on Wednesday that they will no longer use Amazon’s Marketplace to sell their products.

In 2017, Nike began selling their products on Amazon in an effort to combat the illicit trade of counterfeit Nike products flooding the world’s largest e-marketplace. Now, according to a statement released to Bloomberg News, they are striking that agreement.

As we have seen, Amazon has been marginal at best in removing counterfeit goods from their marketplace. In the meantime, Nike has done an outstanding job in building their own online marketplace, operating via apps such as the SNKRS app and their self branded Nike app. According to the statement, Amazon had been anticipating this for a while now as Nike has been closely following the Amazon situation.

In the meantime, Amazon has gone out of their way in a bid to offer Nike products to their buyers by recruiting 3rd party distributors of the brand to sell Nike branded products on Amazon. Nike was already facing stiff competition as many sellers of Nike’s products were outpacing them in the review category which was landing Nike lower down in the search listings.

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